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Are you prepared for the future?

Create, save
and access your
estate plan online.
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Creating an Estate Plan doesn't have to be confusing, costly or complex.
Our network of local financial experts guide you through our online process, saving you time and money. 
Our experience
sets us apart

We have a network of 900+ financial advisors in 47 states in 73 offices across the country to assist with the execution and funding of the trust. 

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Life passes
by pretty quickly.
Is your estate in order?

The process was simple, organized, and easy to follow. The presentation of the binder was impressive, and the price is very reasonable. I will be recommending your services to all of my friends. You are the BEST, thank you!

 Lauren F

What makes us different?
The other guys only offer one approach or another. It's either an expensive attorney or subscription-based software. We combine personalized expert help with online accessibility for an affordable flat fee. 
See how we stack up vs the competition
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The Estate & Trust process can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

Creating a plan for your estate is often an afterthought for many families. It’s a confusing subject, beginning the task feels daunting, and involving professionals sounds expensive. However, like most things in life, the unknown is the worst part. 

Review our options
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Take control. Be Prepared.
Read a few scenarios to see how planning for you future will help your loved ones. 
Get started in three steps

1. Free consultation

We explain the

process, timeline, and fees. 

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2. Onboarding

You'll be guided by an experienced specialist while gathering all your estate details and information.


3. Online Access

After approval, your plan is saved to your online account. Make as many changes as you want through the online account, and share it. 

Here's step one:

What our customers are saying:

“Not sure why I waited so long to do this. Estate Mentors makes it so easy.”


“They held my hand through the process, which was quick and inexpensive.”


“I couldn't believe how easy and inexpensive this was. Now I have access to it whenever I want.”


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